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Turn Off Your TV and Get to Work!

Are you where you want to be financially in your life right now? I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess not. Do you have a bunch of extra spending money laying around? Again, I will assume that’s a

How to Make Money from Google

Everyone’s dream job is to work for Google, right? Well, unless you are super highly educated, incredibly skilled, very lucky, and also know someone that can help you get hired there; it’s probably not going to happen. But there is

How to Change Your WordPress Blog Header

The theme I am using on my blog right now is free. Since it is free, it means that I have to customize it myself. I didn’t like how the header was looking because it had my blog tagline overlapping

The Pings Services that Got Me Indexed

I wrote a post that I said I got indexed in Google in 20 minutes after publishing the post. I used ping services. Ping services is a way by which your blog tells servers that you have made a new

Get Google to Know Your Blog

If you are reading this blog, this means that you know about Google search. In the blogosphere, most bloggers refer to Google as the best search engine to get traffic. How can You get Google to index Your site Quickly?

What Blogging Platform is Recommended

The recommended blogging platform depends on what you want. There are many different blogging platform that you use to blog. It depends on you, the webmaster to choose what best fits your need. There is a list of weblogs at

How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Blog

If you have decided on a Niche you want to blog about, you need to choose a domain name for your blog. A Domain name are the letters or words you see on your browser’s address bar. The domain name

Are You Ready to Choose a Niche?

Have you decided to have your own blog ? Good. What would you blog about? Remember blogging is like a business. Every business owner goal is to keep the business forever. The business is required to make money to support