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How to Become a Profitable Blogger

Blogging has become a popular and highly effective way to make money online, and/or provide information to people on a subject that you are passionate about discussing. Starting a blog is a fairly easy process; however, making money from your

Blog, Blog, Blog, All Day Long…

…Blog, Blog, Blog while I sing this song… I’m gonna write this post, I’m gonna publish it online… Then I’ll start another, but I don’t know why! (read that as if you were singing it) Does that pretty much sum

Three Easy Ways to Make Money Blogging

It’s no secret that blogging has become one of the best ways to make money online in recent years, and will probably continue that way for a very long time. Blogs are free or cheap to start, fairly simple to

Blogging Smartly To Make Money On The Internet

There are 2 ways to gain popularity in the blogosphere. One way is being social, and the other is having high SERPs. The social way requires you to spend time socializing with other bloggers (mostly A-list bloggers wannabes). To be

Optimize Your Comments On Blogs

Leaving comments on other blogs is one way of getting backlinks to your blog. If you leave useful comments, you would not only get backlinks, but you would get traffic to your blog. It is important to leave useful comments

The Benefits of Spending Time In Forums

The forums I am specifying are webmaster forums. Forums is a place where you can learn a lot of things. I like forums because you would get immediate answer from people that are online in the forum and know the

Tips On How You Can Increase Your Rankings

In my previous post about how to increase your page rank, I just wrote about using dofollow commenting and a little bit of directory submission. My purpose of that post was to write about how to do dofollow commenting to

The Next Post

The is the second post. I plan of making this blog a tutorial medium for other new bloggers that wants to learn how to make money online by blogging. In other to be successful, there are some basic blogging requirements