Writing Articles Faster

I thought I would quickly pass along a tip that might help you write articles a little faster so you can get more content written for your online business in a shorter amount of time. We all know that making money on the internet usually involves a lot of writing so every piece of advice to do it more efficiently can be very helpful.

I always seem to find it hard to even think of something to write about so I go to http://ezinearticles.com or another article directory and click on the categories to something close to what I want to write about (maybe I click on ‘investing’ and then ‘stocks’). Then I read down until a title catches my eye and gives me an idea for something to write about. Usually that’s enough to get my brain working and help me through the mind block, but if I get stuck before I get enough words I’ll go in and read some of the article for a little inspiration.

Just be careful not to copy the words or plagiarize the article. You are only doing this to get ideas for your article, not to use someone else’s work.

Hope you find that tip useful,

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  1. Norj says:

    Thank you for the advice Justin. In order for one to write an article they must read and read and read more for you can find great ideas while you are reading.

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